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USG UltraLight Family of Products

Capitol Building Supply carries USG UltraLight drywall products for immediate pickup at our yards or for on-time jobsite delivery. All of the USG UltraLight products were developed with a patented core and paper to create a super lightweight drywall board. The technology makes the panels easier to handle and install, while still retaining the strength and performance of a standard drywall sheet.

UltraLight panels are available in a variety of types including mold-resistant and fire-retardant versions, as well as versions specifically designed for use in manufactured homes. The USG UltraLight family of products includes the following types of wall and ceiling panels.

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels

The UltraLight panels are ½" in size, resist sagging, and are ICC-certified for use in both walls and ceilings. Each 12-foot sheet weighs up to 10 pounds less than a standard sheet. Because they can be used on different types of surfaces, these panels are ideal for projects where purchasing multiple types of drywall sheets is not desired (in dry areas only).

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels Mold Tough® (Regular and Firecode® X)

The Mold Tough panels are ½" and 5/8" in size with a high strength-to-weight ratio. The core is made from 100% recycled green face and brown papers that are noncombustible and moisture-resistant. These panels are designed to install, score, snap and finish just like standard drywall sheets, making them useful for a variety of interior applications.

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Gypsum Base Imperial®

The Gypsum Base Imperial panels have a ½" gypsum base that is specifically engineered for the application of veneer plaster. The special multi-layered face paper is non-combustible and resists water absorption while providing maximum plaster bond. The Gypsum Base Imperial panels are designed to be used with the following USG products: Imperial® Brand Veneer Finish, Diamond® Brand Veneer Finish, Apex® Brand Veneer Finish, Norfolk Special Veneer Finish, Imperial® Brand Veneer Basecoat and Diamond® Brand Veneer Basecoat.

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels Firecode 30®

The Firecode 30 panels are an alternative to standard 5/8” Type X board. They are up to 30% lighter but with comparable strength to Type X, and are best used in non-rated, wood- and steel-framed single-layer partitions. They are also useful on projects with building codes that only require 30-minute fire ratings.

USG Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Panels Firecode® X

The Firecode X panels are 5/8" in size with tapered edges, and are available in Type ULIX or Type ULX (depending on the market). They are designed for use in fire-rated partitions when installed on UL-approved 25-gauge studs. The panels provide comparable performance to standard 5/8" USG Sheetrock® Brand Firecode® Gypsum Panels but with a lighter weight.

USG Sheetrock® Brand MH UltraLight Ceiling Panels Ultra-Base™

The Ultra-Base ceiling panels are ½" in size and made with an extra-tough core to provide additional stability without excess weight. They also offer superior sag resistance for humid environments (when using water-based texture) and are appropriate for manufactured housing. The panels have tapered edges for easy finishing, can be installed with either adhesives or fasteners, and are ICC-certified for ceiling installations.

USG Sheetrock® Brand MH UltraLight Panels Tuf-Base™

The Tuf-Base panels are lightweight ½" panels that are specifically designed for wall and ceiling applications in manufactured housing. They have been extensively tested for shear resistance, are non-combustible, and comply with the HUD Manufactured Home Construction Standard. The boards can be cut into specific dimensions and are designed to resist buckling and warping.

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