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ClarkDietrich BlazeFrame™ Fire Stopping System

Since 2012, ClarkDietrich has offered the BlazeFrame™ Fire Stop Deflection Track system as part of its quality line of interior steel framing products. At Capitol Building Supply Inc., we stock a complete selection of ClarkDietrich building materials and accessories, including the BlazeFrame™ system. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to learn more.

The BlazeFrame™ System

The BlazeFrame™ Fire Stopping System offers contractors an innovative fire and smoke protection product for commercial buildings framed with lightweight steel. The head-of-wall system is a smoke, sound, and fire seal for static and dynamic perimeter joints, and offers up to three inches of movement capability in conjunction with wall framing materials.

BlazeFrame™ is crafted from a cured, intumescent material that is odorless and impervious to humidity, moisture, and freezing conditions. During temperatures of 375 degrees or higher, this material can expand to as much as 35 times its original size to prevent fire and heat from gaining access to the building.

Some of the advantages of the BlazeFrame™ Fire Stopping System include:

  • Lowest possible L-Rating for smoke/air leakage
  • Decreased noise transmission
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower cost of construction
  • Enhanced building safety
  • Added structural support
  • Elimination of caulking or spraying
  • Up to 3 hour ratings
  • No fatigue for substrate or joint materials

This unique fire stopping system is compatible with many different types of commercial structures, including:

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Office complexes
  • Multi-family units

To best serve your commercial building needs, choose from 10 BlazeFrame™ system options.

BlazeFrame™ (DSL 2) Slotted Both Sides

Offers two slotted, fire stop legs providing up to 1-1/2" overall movement. Slots are spaced 1" o.c. for positive attachment to studs. Designed for fire rated wall assemblies.

BlazeFrame™ (SL 1) Slotted One Side

Designed with one solid leg, and one solid leg that has a fire stop, for fire rated wall assemblies. This system offers quality joint protection and up to 1-1/2" overall movement.

BlazeFrame™ (DL 1) Deep Leg

The DL 1 has two solid legs, with firestop on one side, and the system provides full joint protection with 3" of overall movement.

BlazeFrame™ (DL 2) Deep Leg

The DL 2 model offers two solid legs, each with fire stop. The composite framing is suitable for fire rated wall assemblies, and the legs support free floating studs.

BlazeFrame™ (JR 1) Shaftwall Deep Leg

The JR 1 Shaftwall Deep Leg offers as much as 1-1/2" overall movement, and up to a three hour rating for shaft wall assemblies.

BlazeFrame™ (ODL 2) Offset Deep Leg

This BlazeFrame™ option has an "offset step" in order to fit with head of wall and wall-to-wall assemblies. Legs are solid and offer fire stop on both sides.

BlazeFrame™ (ODSL 2) Offset Deep Leg

This profile has two lower legs that are slotted, with fire stop on both sides. It is designed to function with both wall-to-wall (column) and head of wall assemblies.

(FC) Flute Cover

The FC Flute Cover strap works in conjunction with fluted decks, covering both protected and unprotected metal decks. It functions with up to 2-hour assemblies.

(FSB) Flat Strap Backer

This BlazeFrame™ option provides intumescent protection for reveals, in backer form. It functions with up to 2 hour rated assemblies and a G40 minimum coating.

FAS-093X Fire Rated Control Joint

This profile helps protect control joints by incorporating intumescent tape. It works by relieving stresses due to contraction or expansion of drywall in interior partitions or ceilings, both vertical and horizontal. Hot-dipped, galvanized steel is used for these sections.

To learn more about the BlazeFrame™ Fire Stopping System and other ClarkDietrich products available at CBSI, give us a call, stop by our showroom, or browse our inventory online.

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