Sto RapidGuard™ is a one component air barrier and waterproof material used to protect rough openings, sheathing joints, seams,  cracks, penetrations, and other transitions in above grade wall construction. Rapid drying time will usually allow for same day installation of other Sto air barrier components. Sto RapidGuard™ is compatible with most common building materials, including concrete, concrete masonry, brick, galvanized steel, and gypsum, wood, and cement-based sheathing.

  • Allows work to proceed quickly without costly delays and interruptions to work schedule
  • Eliminates mesh, fabric and tapes at rough openings and sheathing joints
  • Simplifies and speeds application
  • Cures in wet weather and on damp substrates
  • Gun applied, does not require highly skilled applicator work force; easy to install around complex geometries
  • Excellent elongation bridges static cracks and seams in construction without tearing or compromise in
  • performance
  • Water vapor permeable resists blistering

20 oz sausage

Code: 81571-741